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Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful Bicycle...I Can't Get You Outta My Head

I think I know what I'd like to be doing to unwind a little. I think I'd like to find me 65 to 70 degree temps...a cool old city to cruise around and get lost in...and a bike. I haven't crawled on top of a bike in ten years and that's just stupid. I mean, embarrassing. It's kind of hard to believe actually. Anyway, in light of that horrible revelation I think I'd like to do some exploring on the back of a bicycle.

Now the question is where, and when, and the good part is that I could make the trip an excuse to buy myself a bike.

This morning I got to work and found an invite to North America's best Gang Summit taking place in Toronto in late March. It's expensive and I could very well find both employers unwilling to foot any part of the bill, in which case I'd be eager to still go. BUT, if you make me pick between a bike ride on a brand new bike in some amazing place or advancing my career...uhmmm, I'm taking the bike ride.

Off the top of my head I'm thinking about riding up and down the North San Diego coast...maybe even venture into Orange. That sounds pretty amazing.

I could peddle around Napa and Sonoma for a few days and feel like I tripped and fell into a quiet kind of heaven.

I wouldn't be opposed to Savannah, Georgia either...or maybe Austin, Texas...That's it! Bike around Austin Texas during the SXSW festival...get my bike and my groove on at the same time! Or Spring Training...yeah, Spring Training! I could bike around Flroida or Arizona catching ball games and sunshine.

I'd bike around New York but then I want to survive the trip and return home to my wife and daughter...and biking around New York City in March sounds, well...meh.

Oh man...the possibilities are endless.

All I know is that I could use the time to strain my legs and ease my mind. I could pretend like I do it all of the time and that I'm not some stressed out, salvation seeker on the back of a much too expensive two wheeled geek machine out trampsing the countryside looking for fun and freedom from the maddening masses of the contemporary working world by running away and acting like a ten year old.

Wait...I got run over by a car when I was ten and riding my bike around willy-nilly...Maybe I'd better think this through a little more.


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