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Friday, February 19, 2010

As cute as cute gets...and then some

Zed's usual sleeping position. I call it "the ten count"

Just checking in on le blog and needed to publish a few comments. My lovely and talented friend back in Honolulu, Mia, made a kind comment about how cute Zo was and I smiled and went about my business, as proud as I typically allow myself to get. Soon enough I moved and got back busy at work until I found these pics that I had forgotten about. They pulled me back and now I'm in complete unabashed agreement with Mia...this kid is terribly cute.

Zed sleeping at Baachan's. Nice diaper line Zo. You're a helluva lady already.

I practically laughed out loud. Who sleeps like that? I can't. My head would explode, and I wouldn't be able to walk when I woke up.

Thanks for the comment Mia, and yes, indeed, she just might be "the cutest little girl ever."


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