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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zoey's favorite person is a cat...

You can't imagine the giggleshow that is Zoey and Debu's relationship. She loves him silly, and he seemingly tolerates all her love. He only gets occasionally agitated. Despite his outward appearance -- the patience and all that indifference to the abuse that Zoey plants on him -- he loves her right back, and almost as much I'd guess.

He waits outside of her door while she sleeps. He comes searching for her when she's busy ignoring him. He even greets her in first thing in the morning, before he even says, "good morning," to either of us, his keepers for the past decade.

It's a cute friendship, one that reminds me just how we lucky we are to have both this particular cat and that particular daughter. It's just a little discouraging to know that Zoey's favorite person in this house is a cat.


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