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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zedder & Mom's Sunday Morning Dance-a-thon

Sometimes you just gotta dance, as evident by Zo and June this morning. June's taken to singing Train's, "Hey, Soul Sister," to the Zedder and she starts to cut a rug every time, well, her version of cutting a rug which mostly involves a lot of leg shaking and body gyrating. It's pretty funny.

It's usually the kitchen that gets all the dancing in this house but this morning it was the living room that bore witness to the mother and daughter Baryshnikoving (which should really be spelled Baryshnicoughing just for fun). It was the sweetest thing ever, with the exception of maybe Pixy Stix. They were spinning and laughing and messin' with the camera...well, the photobooth thingy on the laptop. I held it up to snap a few pics before I missed the moment.

Those two are like peanut butter and jelly and I love 'em almost as much...okay, more. I'm sure it's the same with mothers and daughters all over the planet, they're just the cutest thing ever when they're together. June and Zo are all over each other all the time...hugs, laughs, smiles, face eating...yeah, I'll explain that one later.

Sunday mornings are made for this crap (and by crap I mean awesomeness).


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