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Sunday, January 24, 2010

WARNING: Unsavory Canadian Family Magazine Reference

Uhmmm, it's not that I'm a regular reader of Canadian Family Magazine...stop laughing Kevin and Aimee...but this is just a cute story.

Now that I've discovered Canadian Family Magazine I might have to explore it a little, but honestly, do we really need our own magazine? Maybe it's one of those Canadian Content deals like radio has??? I'm sure that there are some things that as a family living in Canada are inherently Canadian and so, relevant to us specifically, but is there really enough to merit as much content as a magazine would need on a monthly basis. I mean, there are only so many "Hockey Mom" stories you can tell.

I did, however, just spot this teaser on the magazine's homepage and am beyond intrigued.

Is it possible to feel a kind of National awkwardness? Oh wait, that's what being Canadian is all about. Seriously though, what kind of headlines are those? Yikes, our home and native land indeed.


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