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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Swimming, swimming, in a swimming pool...

Aunt Netta telling one of her swim lemmings to lengthen her stroke

This is Zoey's future swim coach. If she looks familiar that's because it's Aunt Netta. She's a coach with the West Vancouver Otters Swim Club (congrats Netta)and she's jacked to be coaching again. She'll be doubly jacked up to coach her niece.

Netta swam and coached almost her entire life and between breaks from the pool to play varsity volleyball and discover a cure for athletes foot she did a little of this, a little of that, went to Japan, jumped on a sailboat or seventeen, and is now back smelling of chlorine and moldy flip-flops to the delight of similarly smelling funsters in West Van.

The trick to this whole equation will be getting Zo in the same area code as her Aunt, an enterprise that could be entirely possible as our world changes, or could be just as easily a very silly notion as our world changes. It's a flip of the coin in karmic terms, but don't tell Aunt Netta or she'll do her best to alter the cosmic chain of events that would need to align for Zoey to be featured in the North Shore News as Canada's next great hope for summer Olympic gold. We're still working on her kicks in the bathtub and saving money for whatever comes next for Team Zedder.


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