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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Post -Season Celebration with Avery & Reece

Zo opens her post-season gifts with Reece and Avery long after the Holidays are over.

Since Brad, Heather, and the kids were gone over Christmas, Zoey had to hold out for a post-season celebration with her cousins, long after the holidays and, in a way, nicely removed from all the hullaballoo of the Christmas season. They hung out, they tore open gifts, and they made a good solid mess of the place.

Avery helping Zo figure out the whole wrapping paper thing.

The kids were insanely excited to give Zo her Christmas goods. It's their first Christmas with a cousin and it was pretty obvious that Zo is going to get spoiled every Christmas from now on. Reece was grinning from ear to ear and tried hard to be a more gentle version of his hurricane self, and Avery bought Zo's gift with her own money...a pretty sweet gesture from her uber-sweet future babysitter.

Avery and Zedder get ready to blow out the candle on Zo's very first birthday cake

Avery even baked a cake for Zo since the kids wouldn't be able to see her on her first birthday...a Tuesday this year...and she helped Zedder blow out the candle. It was all a pretty wild whirlwind of a day, a good four hours or so of craziness. We didn't stay too long since Zo needed to get a nap in and there was no way it was happening in the presence of her cousins. We drove back to the lake in a fog, wondering what just hit us. I suppose it was the post-season, and the genuine excitement of a cousin's first Christmas.


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