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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Impromptu Birthday Bash at the YMCA

Barb and Zedder chillin' out and wasting some company time...Y not?

So, one quick phone call home to check on the Zedder's day and to tell June that it was Barb's birthday too had Mom and daughter in the car and headed to the Y. They brought the gift that the McRitchie's had bought for Zo so that she could open it with Barb, and they also stopped and grabbed a card and a little potted flower for Zo's new BFF. Before we knew it there was a second rate shin-dig happening in the reception office of the YMCA Learning & Career Centre.

Zedder cracks open her newest plush friend

Zo ripped into her gift from Ron and Barb McRitchie and found a Cabbage Patch Kid named Aliya Sierra...she loves her despite the doll's stripper name, and June got to get her hands on a Cabbage Patch doll for the first time ever. She never had one as a little girl and she's been needing therapy ever since. Barb made Zo promise to share the Aliya with her Mom.

Zo gets the one gift that her Mom never got...and rubbed it in good.

It was a fun, albeit impromptu, visit and it was a nice little add-on to the Zedder's first birthday. She had a good time visiting with Barb, and saw her friends Stacey, and Randy, and even met Nikki. I work with some pretty great people and it's fun to see Zo wander around the place without a care in the world. The building is an old elementary school and it was fun to watch ehr wander. She walked up and down the halls and, I swear, she'd have just explored on her own if we didn't keep a close eye on her. Even with Mom and Dad looming I think Zo had a good time visiting her friend part was I think Barb had a better time.


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