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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Jumpin' Januarys! Birthday's All Around! is Zoey's BFF Barb's birthday too! I didn't know that, well, apparently I did but I had either forgotten it or didn't pay close enough attention when the info presented itself way back when. Probably part of the job description as a least that's what I'm chalking it up to.

So here's our ridiculously spontaneous birthday gift to the most illustrious hockey Mom and first rate player billet this side of...well, I don't know. I just know that she treats us and Zo first rate and loves herself some Rocket Richard (but who doesn't, really?). She could explain how to clear the zone to a room full of hockey idiots better than I could, and in the very next blink drag a half dozen Junior hockey studs to a production of Mary friggin' Poppins just to offer them some culture to go with their talent. She's one heck of a lady. Just ask half of the newfies coming off the rock to give every Ontario boy a run for his back-checking money.

I feel like a fool for missing that one rather important detail that she shares a birthday with the Zedder but I think I can make up for it with sincerity.

You're a fun and kind and exceptionally thoughtful lady who has earned a place in the ever unfolding story of Zed. Now get your ass busy birthdaying. Wait, did that expletive just counteract all that sincerity? Pffft, only enhanced it.

Happy Birthday Barb...I bet it feel good to be 28.

Speaking of birthdays...

I just realized as I'm typing this that it's Emelia Teeter's birthday too. Emelia is the daughter of my old friend John, my best friend growing up...She's a beautiful little thing who makes her Dad gush with embarrassing frequency, and we're excited at the prospect of Zo meeting her one day. It should have happened by now but we suck and haven't managed it. Apologies to both Zo and Emelia for robbing them of what could be a cool little friendship. I'm pretty sure that neither of them are interested in playing road hockey on Dora Drive, going to Helix concerts at the Sarnia Arena, or taping mid-winter hockey games so that they can watch them in July but just 'cause we did all that silly junk doesn't mean our daughters can''s doubtful, but you never know. The Helix part would probably be the most tricky.

Anyway...Happy Birthday Emelia, have yourself some serious fun, maybe something that involves stains and breaking the laws of physics.

Birthdays all around! Oh, and happy day to you too Mr. Gretzky, I suppose you've earned it.


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