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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grandma's to the rescue...

Zedder and Grandma are playing in the other's 6;15 AM, and I'm laughing my weary face off. The two have gotten along like long lost friends all last week, June's first one back to work, and have started this week off no different. It's cute, but more importantly it's saving our lives. I can't imagine sending this little girl to daycare and the damage that would render to our somewhat normal lives. Grandma comes to our house to watch Zedder...she sleeps over four nights of the week and we wake up and get ready for work, maybe play with Zo, maybe sneak out, grateful she's still sleeping and comfortable that Grandma is ten feet away. We get countless benefits that we wouldn't otherwise (a la daycare).

We wake up a little later.

We walk out the front door a lot easier.

We avoid all early morning drama and any afternoon issues.

We watch Zedder and her Grandma become buddies.

The whole enterprise will extend to include Baachan too. Baachan is coming over today to cover for Grandma for a few weeks while she gets some eye work done, and then she'll be in and out of most weeks with a day here and a day there, a couple of Friday night sleepovers each month, and assorted etc....

We're spoiled, right? Let's just say we're discerning and reaping the benefits of luck and love.


Blogger kaedejune said...

I really couldn't imagine things any differently... I think that might be the day I cry, ha! Right now its sooo easy and all thanks to Grandma's! They definitely deserve a day dedicated to them... oh wait! They do have one!

January 19, 2010 at 4:04 PM  

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