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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freckles, freckles, and more freckles

Le sigh...such lovely freckles on the face of my bestest of friends. They really are quite fetching...and by fetching I mean unbelievably beautiful...

When you were a kid freckles were practically a death sentence. They were a sure fire magnet for teasing, and you'd have wiped 'em clean off of your face if you could have. Now, as a full grown adult I think they're just about the most attractive thing Mother Nature ever slapped on a feminine face. Toss a tan into the mix, and perhaps an illusively exotic feature here or there and BLAM, you've got yourself 6'3" of paralyzed me.

When summer rolls around and June's face gets darker and darker the freckles just start to multiply. June's freckles in July are like the endless multitude of rabbits we've got running around our front yard here on the midsummer there's more than there were in April that's for sure...and I love every single one of 'em, especially the ones that weren't there the last time that I looked.

Right now Zo is a pretty pale little girl. As she gets older she gets more and more color to her skin, but now, and ever since she's been born she's had some seriously porcelain looking skin. She's got but one freckle..yup, just one...we saw it. It makes me wonder what this little girl is going to look like in a few years. I'm crossing my fingers for freckles.

Here's some kind of interesting reading if you were wondering how on earth we ended up with a blonde haired, blue eyed quarter Japanese daughter.


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