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Monday, December 7, 2009

Zoey's First Snow!!! Not all that thrilling, but still...

Zoeys first snow - window 2
Zo checking out her very first snow flurries. She thought it was kinda cool but nuthin' special.

Zedder sidled up to the big picture window and watched the snow fall today. It was her first glimpse of snow flakes and she seemed pretty enthralled, you know, until her cat or the Sesame Street theme or Mom's voice, or any number of a dozen things stole her attention away. She did manage a good five minutes of just hanging out and taking the scene in though...not bad for someone whose attention span is shorter than Michigan basketball's front-court.

On a cooler note, not scientifically I suppose, not when you consider the point at which H20 crystalizes, but cooler in the Fonzie sense...

Zo had a doctor's appointment today and weighed in at a mildly impressive 18 lbs, and she also measured a lanky 29 inches long. That's 2 feet 5 inches tall...HA...I love it! That's hilarious! She's perfectly healthy and happy and everything is oh-so good according to the pediatrician whom I've decided to call a pediatrist from now on just 'cause it makes him upset.

Zedder is almost two and a half feet tall! I don't know why that kills me so much but it does...I think it's hilarious. She's almost as tall as Michael Hart now...maybe even taller than Marc Gregory which is even funnier! Sorry Marc. I had to.


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