Monday, December 28, 2009

You Make Me Sick

I'm sick...I think I caught it from June, who caught it from Ian, who in turn caught it from an embarrassingly amorous moose somewhere between Thunder Bay and the Soo. It's been largely a 24 hr, maybe 48 hr thing so far but it sucks cold oatmeal. I mostly want to expunge my stomach of it's contents. I'm also cold as the legs on a picnic table in the park, or I was, now I'm hotter than West Texas pavement. I'm also really tired of using analogies.

June and Zo have been playing all afternoon and I can assure you that to a loving husband and father the sound of the two girls you love laughing and teasing one another around the house is enough to break your heart. I wanna play too.

I was fine this morning. I got out of bed late. I lingered at nearly everything I did. I snatched up Zo for a fun drive in the falling snow while Mom recovered from this heinous affliction, and got some quiet time. We had fun. I had coffee, she eventually fell asleep. We came home and before Team Canada even got a chance to mug Switzerland in the World Junior Hockey Championships I was couch bound and whiny. June wasn't all that whiny...a little, but nothing over the top. I'm a whine factory sometimes...a whinery, if you'll pardon the also afflicted sense of humor.

Now I've been down and out for almost seven or so hours...minimal sleep, no hurling (yet), headache, and absolutely o urge to eat a single thing. Looking on the bright side, maybe I'll shed that last seven or eight pounds I've been needing to before I can look like this. Sorry, that was too easy.

I've had a pretty productive day considering that I spent it mostly on my back. I got to nap with Zedder which was amazing 'cause I never get to do that anymore. I perused a few websites that I'd been hoping to get to sooner than later. I started work on revitalizing "The Bleacher Life" blog since it was such a fun ride for so many years. I did a lot of stuff while my back got bedsores.

Now I'm going to try to sleep. I imagine, if I can manage it, that it will feel very much like my first know, the one thing that can finally put your stomach at ease after hours of nausea and torture. Maybe not though...maybe it'll just feel like sleep.

In an effort to make me feel better here are some schweet pics of Zo from Christmas at Grandma Cathy's...

Zoey 1st Christmas - Zoey bum floor
Now that Zo is moving so fervently this is about all you see of her.

Zoey 1st Christmas - Close up Zo floor
June's Baachan isn't a very big fan of these faceless shots, but we are.

Zoey 1st Christmas - Serious Zo
Zo spotting her cat Debu laying quietly and unsuspectingly...

Zoey 1st Christmas - Floor Debu
So she makes her furtive yet sneakerrific move on her friend.

Zoey 1st Christmas - Floor Debu 2
...and then pounces, like some vigilante NAVY Seal type.

Zoey 1st Christmas - Floor laughing
...and loves the fact that she scared Debu out of no less than three of his lives.

Zoey 1st Christmas - Mom Zo playing
Finally, Mom intervenes for the sake of the cat (who secretly loves it)

Zoey 1st Christmas - Mom Zo playing 2
...and Mom distracts with an outstretched camera.

Zoey 1st Christmas - Chewing Camera Strap
...but her intervention backfires and her camera strap gets it!

There...I feel better. Now if only I could feel s good as that little kid's smile. Ughh...


Blogger John Teeter said...

Zoe actually looked like she was attempting a rear naked choke on Debu. And Debu showed good ground game evading the pin.

Have the two been watching UFC a lot?

December 29, 2009 at 11:10 AM  

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