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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rubber ducky, you're the one...

Zo Mom Duck Bath - Orlando Dec09
Zo and Mom do up bath time with our new friend, Chuck the Duck. He was $10.

We travel a lot but that doesn't make us good at it. We regularly forget this something or that something...on this trip we forgot to inquire about long term parking at the McNamara Terminal in Detroit ($20 a day...ouch), and we forgot to ask whether or not our hotel had a bath tub or just a shower...turns out the answer is "just a shower." So we sucked it up and parked at McNamara, repeating the mantra 'tis the season over and over again, and we bought this super awesome bath duck at Wal-Mart here in Orlando. Now if you add the two together we got parking and a cool bath tub thingy for about $230 USD...not bad.

Zo Duck Bath Orlando Dec09
Scrubbin' up with a duck from home...a duck in a duck...sounds kinda Kinsey-esque

Zo loves Chuck, the bath time duck so much that she was hugging him all afternoon. It was practically the cutest thing I've ever seen, you know, if you don't count Zo's first Nikes. She could hardly wait to use him. Her favorite part (as assumed by me) is his quacking bill. That's right, quacking. Squeeze his bill and QUACK! She loves it. June came up with his name, she's original like that...she suggested this post title too. I know, that's what I love about her. Absolutely nothing embarrasses her. Obviously, like mother, like daughter 'cause when Zo grows up and sees Chuck the Duck she's gonna grimace but not she loves him.


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