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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rainy Day Zo...A Lesson in Carefree Happiness

Zo hotel floor Orlando
Rainy day Zoey...sounds like a Gordon Lightfoot song?

So it seems like we spent good money to come to Florida and enjoy some sun and a lot of clouds, even some rain. I guess that's Florida, and I guess that's why we never come here. Zo's made it fun though. She's always smiling and enjoying herself regardless of weather etc...I'm learning some lessons just watching her. I guess that's part and parcel with this parenting thing. We're learning as much as she is, well, maybe not exactly the same. Zo could probably learn three languages at the same time right now, and we have a hard time with English sometimes. (We still giggle every time we refer to Spanish as "Mexican" which is a whole different story.)

Zedder's the cure for just about every ill...'cept for the big ones, she's got nuthin' on all those scientists and researchers, but she tackles the little ills just fine -- things like boredom, bad weather, crappy Orlando -- and she's an expert at keeping you busy. I think Zo would enjoy herself just about anywhere. Most toddlers would, I suppose, but Zo takes happiness to a whole new level of cool. She's cool with just about everything. Things like public transportation, crowds, rain, a weird schedule...anything you toss at her she can catch.

Zoey sushi tee 1
Zo sportin' her sushi shirt that she got from Uncle Scitter and Aunt's a beaut!

We've managed to get a crapload of Christmas stuff done down's outlet mall heaven, and when the clouds are out in full force you might as well go spend all your loot. So we do. We've also come up with some pretty stupid stuff thanks to the when June saw Mickey Mouse and said, "Look at him. He thinks he's so cool runnin' around with no shirt on," which might be tops in sheer ridiculousness, even considering all of our misadventures. It's right up there with Hawaii's "cheapie free" statement.

With any luck the sun comes out in full force over the next three or four days...if not there's a wicked Handy Manny Marathon scheduled for Monday...nice.


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