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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paul Newman was so lovely...

I just read that statement on someone's blog. "Paul Newman was so lovely." It was obviously a female's perspective...well, perhaps not so obviously, but trust me when I say that it was indeed a females perspective. Lovely -- I can't imagine. It got me to wondering what people might say of you when you aren't around...the good stuff, I mean, not the bad junk. Who cares about that bunk? Not me. I mean the good stuff, those things that either make you blush, or that solidify your affection for the other person for ever and ever, amen...or at least until the Leafs win a Stanley Cup which is close to the same thing.

As Christmas present #2, and in the spirit of that Paul Newman reference, I'd like to say a few things about some of the people who I know drop by here from time to return, wouldn't it be nice to receive the same thing right back? Yeah, it would...will that happen? Probably not. Still, worth a go, isn't it? You people know how to reach me.

The trick, certainly not the rule, is to be brief, concise, and swoon inducing...a proper compliment should always be swoon inducing if placed correctly at the alter of your humility. Here goes...

Grandma...inarticulate love and gratitude. Still no one more worthy of waking up at 2am to talk.'re terribly audacious aren't you, in the most sweetly sensitive of ways? It looks oh-so-very good on you!

Baachan...somewhere deep in my chest respect and love are wrestling around to see who comes out on top.

Aimee & Kev...I think we'll be friends forever. I hope we'll be friends forever.

Betsy...great big eyes and wide smiles. It's not like New York needed any more reasons to pull us back.'re shamelessly thoughtful aren't you? Yes you are and I adore it., enthusiastic friend...either/or.

Bradley...first rate daydreamer. Wonderful. look out for me and I never even asked you too. I would have though.

Stacey...the kind of fun that you are really deserves more than just three simple letters.

Merle...I have daydreams about just how uber-hip that wrist tattoo of yours is. I'm not kidding.

Serree & cute are you guys about 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time your just cool.

Scott & Stace...I think I saw your family in a J Crew catalogue. it possible to be any sweeter from a distance of a decade and 300 km? Probably not.

Dustin & Kelly...must move closer 'cause I want to see you every third day, at least.

I probably missed a dozen people, didn't I? I'm sure I did...No biggie. It was all on a whim anyway.


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