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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Night Time is the Right Time...

Moon over palms
Same moon..same sky...different feeling.

Our nights are pretty easy 'round here. We hang out together and listen to music, read, maybe even watch some television depending upon what's on, but generally we just do a lot of nothing but we do it together. I like it. When Zoey is almost ready to drift off to sleep I scoot out of the room to go to the gym while Mom soaks up her sleepy child like she was a sponge. Someday she's going to miss that time just as surely as I miss the house laps that little Zo demanded of her Dad when she was small...well, smaller. Here in Florida we've been listening to the water outside of our door (almost like summer back home) and a lot of Ray Charles, The Spirit of Christmas. We don't feel too much of a need to get out and accomplish so many of the usual things that people want to accomplish on vacation...eating and drinking and general debauchery, even if it is in family sized doses. We just wanna better chance to just be, and this has been it.

We likely won't be slipping back to Florida without any good reason to. The weather could be better but it's awfully nice and it's certainly a notch above the snow that's falling in New York. We got a oh-so sweet email from our friend, Betsy, in New York and she helped us feel better about our decision to head south rather than east. The notion of Betz, Julia, and Alex riding around a snow covered Central Park in a horse drawn carriage hurts our heart. Just knowing that we're missing that...and New York all bright and sparkling for Christmas, well...In fact, there's our Christmas gift to Betz. We would love to go out with you on that carriage ride in Central Park, and in the words of Hugh Bonneville in the film, Notting Hill," know, anybody saying they want to go out with you is... well, pretty great... isn't it...?" It most certainly is. Merry Christmas Betz and thanks for thinking of us.

Now...back to fun on the floor with Ray Charles crooning our spirits up high. It's almost Christmas people...I can tell because I'm getting all sentimental and sappy.


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