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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inextinguishable looks on some pretty inexhaustible funsters

Close up Zo - Grandmas kitchen Dec09
Zoey visiting Grandma - November 2009

I know that I'm supposed to say it, but I have a feeling that this little girl is gonna be a beautiful big girl. It's difficult to imagine her being anything different if her cuteness now is any indication of what kind of looks she'll be sporting in fifteen or sixteen years. I'm not just biased about my own kid either. I think that there's a bunch of funsters who I'd bet my best underwear are gonna grow up to be beautiful.

My friends, John and Danielle, have absolutely the cutest little girl ever...all chubby cheeks and smiles...a little bit of John and a lot of Danielle. She's surely going to be one of those girls in high school that reels 'em in with her inextinguishable cuteness alone.

Our friends, Kevin and Aimee Bergquist, have two boys who are going to be bustin' up hearts like Zach Follett does kick coverage for the Detroit Lions. Harmon is already sporting what anyone would call a handsome look, and Simon will be dangerous when the girls start taking notice. He's like some kind of male cute factory and there'll be an assembly line of ladies by the time he gets to junior high.

Stu and Anne McNaughton have a son who, I swear, is going to fighting off older girls from the time he's eleven or twelve years old he's that adorable. I think he's got the personality to go with the looks too, and he's gonna slay 'em someday, I know it.

There are plenty of kids I know that I'd venture to say are beautiful now but might be even more so later. It's not just Daddy's pride at play here. I spread my assertions around and I can guarantee you that these kids are knock outs when they get bigger. In fact, give me a catalogue that needs child models and these'd be the first four kids I'd call.

I'd link to some photos of these funsters but they're so cute that you're head would implode...that, and I didn't ask their parents if I could.


Blogger John Teeter said...

Truth is (and I know we're not supposed to talk about this outside our secret meetings) we're building an army of cute. To take over the world. Cause lord knows we've had enough ugly.

December 4, 2009 at 6:30 AM  

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