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Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to Me...

Rarrr Zo Mom poolside
Rarrr, Zoey and Mom soaking up some Florida sunshine...

Sitting poolside and I get word that there's a package for me at the hotel's front desk. Huh? We go and check it out and it's an envelope from home...birthday card from Gerry and Mihoko! Whoa, awesome nice! It made soaking up some sun beside the pool that much better. I've never gotten a package sitting by the pool before, let alone a birthday card. I'll take it and put Gerry & Mihoko in the running for this week's "Nice Person of the Week" Award.

I keep forgetting that I just had a birthday. It didn't feel like a birthday. In fact, it kinda felt your average, everyday kinda day...except with a present from my wife thrown in. I like my birthdays to feel that way but I won't complain about this whole "card by the pool" deal...that was pretty damn okay too. All that sunshine didn't hurt either.

Speaking of which, the sun was shining bright again today and so we let it pour all over us and enjoyed it with a side order of minimal ambition. Even Rarrr got in on the action, at first keeping an eye on Zo and then getting some sun of his own.

Rarrr Florida Deck chair
Rarrr getting his tan on...He could use one.

BTW...what's with these rad striped pool towels? They were the towel of choice in Waikiki and now again here. I'm stealin' some! They're amazingly large and super comfy. I think my luggage will be about four towels heavier on the way home. Shhhh.


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