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Friday, December 18, 2009

Football, Friends, and Family Photos...

Family at Reeces game

Just received this fun photo from our friend's Mike and Afaf. We ran into Mike at a youth league football game. We went to watch our nephew Reece play and Mike was also there watching his son play too (who BTW looked a lot like Brian Westbrook out there). It was a complete accident running into Mikey and it put a giant grin on my face. Mike and I spent a few high school years as super good friends and as is the tragedy of life, we drifted apart. I think about him often and even grabbed him a gift when I was in Boston even though we average a half dozen years between accidental run-ins. He's a decent fella, and a good Dad.

Anyway, thanks Afaf for sending over this family pic...we love it.


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