Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Florida for us

Intnl Dr Orlando

I'm sure there's a Top Ten List for the reasons why you go to Orlando but once you exclude cheap, and more often than not, warm, then there's not much left. Orlando kinda sucks. We're enjoying ourselves despite the area's suckiness but the weather (one of two predominant reasons we came here) is kinda poo. A lot of clouds and after today three forecasted days of rain...then temps in the 50's...awesome!

I think Hawaii ruined us.

The air smells somewhat flowery...kinda, and when the skies are blue they're well worth sprawling out below, but Florida is like the friend that you have that is always in and out of pleasing you. I know, 'cause I'm usually that friend. The camera has largely stayed in the room 'cause, well, it's Orlando right, so who cares? We have been able to focus on some Christmas shopping, and doing that in shorts and tees is always a nice thing, but no one is getting knocked over with eye popping experiences. We're doing nothing and enjoying ourselves.

On the Zo seems she's a little allergic to Baby Blanket sunscreen...slight rash, and she's suddenly and strangely cool with her stroller again (good, since the price tag was higher than on my first vehicle). She's walking better, and talking more albeit still gibberish, it's encouraging.

Other random tidbits over the past four days...

- Wolfgang Puck coffee is amazing!

- Orlando Magic basketball tickets can be had for as little as $2.50 on Stubhub.

- Working out, then swimming every night with palm trees and no work in the morning is the secret to a happy life.

- "Handy Manny" is just about the best kids show ever! His accent kills me...

- June made me a homemade birthday card on a Subway napkin. She worked half the night on it, confirming that store bought cards are approx. one quarter as cool as homemade.

- I just heard the phrase, "where every day feels like summer," and I wanna live someplace like that.

- English people do indeed have bad teeth


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