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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Family Bed Policy...Hawaiian Style

Zoey bed Orlando
Zo, the Queen of her pillow castle, everywhere we go.

Ever since Hawaii we've skootched two hotel beds together in every room we've ever rented. It allows us to keep a better eye on the Zedder while she's playing around, either on the floor or up on the bed, and it let's us sleep a little more comfortably as a family if the need arises. In Hawaii Zo slept with us, same as New York, but here in Orlando she's been stickin' to her own crib. She is, however, playing on the bed like it was her own personal gymnastics mat. We've also discovered that she's quite smitten with pillows, but what kid isn't, really? Were gonna have to load her room up with a variety of pillows when we get home. She goes frikkin' bananas when she's surrounded with all that soft goodness. I would too.

Evenings have largely been kept together in the room...we're tuckered out and Zo's nearing bedtime. She sure keeps us in check. Not that we'd be out tearing up Orlando but she makes sure that we're all family schmamily all the time and I'd recommend it to anyone. It's nice to chill the evening away with your wife and daughter, especially when they're both absolute knock outs! I'm surrounded with babes when I'm travelin' with these two so hangin' low is easy in this company.

We've got good tunes playing every night, like some Roy Orbison, "Dream," or some kick @#$ old Jimmy Durante...we're playing on the bed and laughing like a bunch of kids at their first sleep away hockey tournament, just with less hall hockey going on...more peek-a-boo and pillow climbing.


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