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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cowbell vs. the Fever...I'll take more cowbell.

Zoey's got a bit of a fever so we went and bought ourselves a cowbell 'cause we heard that the only prescription was, in fact, more cow bell.

If you can get past that awful Christopher Walken SNL joke then we can assure you that we did not go out and buy a cow bell to combat Zo's little fever. We bought her some infant Tylenol and gave her a tepid bath... Dad got a little worried and Mom kept her usual cool. We played a little before bedtime...listened to her new favorite, Miss Li, and did some forward rolls before she slipped off to sleep. We have a feeling it's just more teeth coming in. She's been chewing on everything she can get a grip on, and she's been drooling am awful lot. She's already gotten her front eight teeth so it could very well be some of the rear teeth coming in. As you could imagine, those ones gotta hurt a little. Her temp went down before bedtime and she seems fine now.

It would have been nice to have more cow bell though.


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