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Monday, December 7, 2009

"C" is for Cookie, that's good enough for me...

Zoey C head 1
Zoey had an unfortunate alphabet incident. Happens to the best of us.

So Zoey get to messing with her alphabet letters on the kitchen floor (nice linoleum BTW) and somehow manages to get one stuck to her head...yeah, to her head. She played with it stuck there for quite awhile before Mom intervened and pulled the third letter of our glorious alphabet from her skull. She either didn't notice or didn't care and would likely have lived her entire life with it stuck there had Mom not gotten involved. Oh, she let her play that way forever...long enough to snap a few pics and laugh at her, but then she felt bad making fun of her only daughter and had to give her a hand. I wouldn't have.

Zoey C head 4
We were wondering if there's any metaphysical symbolism to the letter "C" finding itself stuck to our daughter?

We try to let Zo stumble into things herself, and then it's always fun to watch her try to stumble right back out of them. Most of these endeavors go completely unnoticed or acknowledged but this one was just too fun not to document permanently with some pics. Zedder just kept on playing with this giant "C" attached firmly to the side of her head. It looked so cute that we considered stapling it there, you know, semi-permanently, but then had second thoughts. It be awfully hard to get her to sit still long enough to actually accomplish that. Uhmm, obviously I'm kidding.

Zoey C head 2
There's probably a dozen or so jokes just waiting to be uttered out loud with this ridiculousness...

Zoey does lots and lots of silly things but seemingly less than most funsters. As our friend Steph puts it, "she's awfully suspicious," and add to that a little contemplative and you've got a kid that doesn't give you too, too many reasons to go running for the camera because she's got herself caught up into something stupid. This time she obviously let her guard down 'cause this moment was begging for posterity.

Zoey C head 3
That stupid letter was stuck to her for at least an hour...hilarious.

Our plan is to drag these photos out either when Zo gets into Stanford so that we can say, "Wow, how'd you ever manage it when this was the place you started at," or maybe someday if she doesn't get into any kind of decent college, and we'll say, "Well, honey, look at this...what did you expect? Let's be realistic about things. Either way she'll be aghast at either her parents ruthless insensitivity or our awful sense of humor. We're dying for her to get into Stanford, don't get us wrong, but if she doesn't, well, this would make for some pretty awesome comic relief, right?


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