Saturday, December 19, 2009

THings I love

1. The way that you make each other smile and laugh until everyone else around you is doing the same, whether it's on the bus or at the kitchen table, anywhere you go.

2. That you have the very same mouth.

3. The way you tackle life with grace. Surely your daughter will find the same because I know that you will show her how & because I'm certain it's weaved throughout her genes...from your Baachan to hers, then you, and now someday her.

4. Your quiet curiosity

5. How you both wake up smiling, nearly every day.

6. The way you're both so willing to do anything and go anywhere.

7. The look in your eyes that I know is trust.

8. How sometimes it looks as though you both fell out of a magazine or a catalogue.

9. The way you make even strangers friends.

10. The patience you have for me.

11. How fun you are.

12. That coming home to the two of you can rein in an out of control day.

13. That even when I'm not the best dad or husband you make me feel like I am.

14. You let me sleep in on Saturdays and I don't need it as much as either of you.

15. Your skin...a Mom made of sun freckles and a daughter of porcelain.

16. How you play with the flowers on my tattoo.

17. The way you smell.

18. How you want to do things on your own.

19. That when you're focused it sometimes takes two or three beckons to get you to turn your head.

20. You both think my farts are funny even when I don't.

21. That you laugh at the stupid things I do.

22. How the two of you sit on the floor with one leg exetnded and the other one tucked in.

23. That my singing, though not encouraged, doesn't frighten you.

24. You don't want me to leave sometimes.

25. How cold your feet get.

26. That I can hug and kiss you whenever I want.

27. Laying in bed with you.

28. How you watch me through the kitchen window when I'm lighting the grill in the backyard.

29. How puffy your lips get when you cry.

30. That your tears can break my heart.

31. You wear cute shoes.

BTW...I had to Google this after I wrote it and I found this incredible list. It's just about the coolest thing I've ever read. What guy doesn't want to play the leading role on that bloody list?

Also...I'd like to leave this not-so-subtle note for my wife.


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