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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Zoey-free night of sappy pop music and dirty Detroit rock 'n soul

Train has been giving us something to lose our voices to for a decade now

Train with Special Guest Uncle Kracker at the Royal Oak Music Theater on a random Tuesday night in November is just about the best thing for feeling like you actually got a break from parenting for a night.

June and I slipped off to see Train and Uncle Kracker last night and enjoyed ourselves beyond what should be expected from your average debaucherous Tuesday night. Grandma babysat for us and slept over while June and I drank $6 Jack and Cokes and sang along with Pat Monahan and bounced in place like groovin' fools to an unexpectedly uber cool Uncle Kracker in the oh so pleasant Detroit suburb of Royal Oak.

Uncle Kracker
Uncle Kracker was a surprise that lent credibility to the idea that surprises aren't always bad

We first saw Train almost exactly ten years ago when we moved in together. The show was at Call the Office on York Street in London and we've slipped off to enjoy them on a bunch of occasions since. It just feels so cool to know that we were just stupid kids then and now we're stupid parents. Time flies when you're listening to commercialized over-played by radio pop music.

Train was great, as usual, and Uncle Kracker was better than we ever imagined...Zoey survived and we emptied our pockets on over-priced liquor and sang ourselves hoarse. Life is good, and in the shameless words of Uncle Kracker, damn it's good to be me.


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