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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A whole lotta Zo...this and that plus some other stuff

Zoeys first arrowroot 2\Zoey getting a taste of her very first Arrowroot's good @#$%

In a bit awfully similar to George Stromboulopoluaplfjsdsmases 2/20 feature on CBC's The Hour except without the two minute timeline or the twenty questions, we're gonna blitz you with some Zoey info, and never mind the thinkin'...

Zoey seems to be literally weeks away from walking...she stands around all by herself doing nothing but contemplating why she's actually upright and what the hell she's supposed to do with that skill. She's been upright and scooting around beds and couches since Hawaii but now she's cool to just stand around sans assistance. Some people call it healthy child development, I call it loitering.

Zoey hugs everything that moves now, and even some things that don't. He favorites are (in this exact order):

1. Mom
2. Mathilda, her stuffed Hippo
3. The couch pillows
4. Dad
5. Debu
6. Grandma/ Baachan

Zo and Debu are inseparable.

Zed's favorite dinnertime activity now is "hide and scare" with her involves hiding behind her chair and scaring her by peeking out from side to side, but mostly it involves Dad not eating much.

Zoey got her H1N1 vaccination and performed like a champ.

Zedder likes these foods in this order:

1. June's boobies (sorry, I just wanted to type the word boobies)
2. Cereal
3. Those tasty puff snacks
4. Fruit flavoured baby food
5. Tie - Mashed up carrot and sweet potato
6. Pickles
7. McDonald's Big'n Tasty's, hold the onion.

Zo ate her first pickle and hasn't stopped mixing Bloody Caesars ever since.

Zo first pickle 2
Zo tackles a pickle and gets some serious stink hands, enough so that Dad gags

Zed and Dad already had both the "drug" talk and the "sex" talk, you know, get it out of the way now.

Zoey's been a pretty damn good kid when either Grandma or Baachan has babysat at night...whew.

Dad has already found Zoey an agent thereby making her ineligible to participate in collegiate athletics by current NCAA standards.

Zoey's hair is growing slower than the US economy.


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