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Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is Zoey's Thingamajig...She loves it

Zo w Playworks

Zo is getting to that age where she wants some stimulation, wants to figure things out, needs to fiddle with stuff so that means we can probably clean some of the junk out of her toy bins...She doesn't have much interest in her old shoes anymore, or that potato chip bag that June taped closed (seriously)...She's getting intellectually sophisticated. Just this morning she asked me what the difference was between sine and cosine. I told her size and color...I dunno.

June found Zo's box of knick-knacky goodness at a second hand baby junk shop...I think that was it's actual name too...The Second Hand Baby Junk Shop, except they spelled shop with that extra "p" and an "e" at the end, you know, to seem metropolitan. It worked I guess 'cause June wandered in and scooped up the thingamajig for practically nothing. We just spent nearly double on a stupid plastic sensory thing a few days earlier, and it sucks the mustard.

Lesson don't need new stuff, and if you can find a place that spells shop with that extra "p" and an "e" at the end...well, you're probably shopping in the right place. You're at least pseudo-metropolitan which is kind of like being only half an asshole.

We're gonna use the thingamajig story when Zo gets to be older and wants a car...I hope Ford Pintos aren't that hard to find in 2025.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not "for practically nothing" the industry term is "way cheapy free"...............B

November 10, 2009 at 10:15 AM  

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