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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet Dreams Little Girl

Sleeping Zo 6 - Mar 28-09

Sometimes there are such sublime moments in this parenting deal that it's hard to explain unless you'ev been there and done that. Occasionally I think it's even more difficult to articulate if your new name is, "Daddy." Letting the unsettling twinge of indescribable bliss bounce around your noggin' and then come out all sweet and swoon inducing on the other side with any kind of skill is damn near impossible if you're sporting the XY chromosome combo. What I mean is just try and explain to someone what it's like when third place turns into first and it's Daddy that eases daughter into sleep. It's hard.

On a few occasions now Zoey's weary head found Dad's shoulder to fall asleep on and it's been a little indescribable...she hasn't made a regular habit of that since she was more than just a few months old. In the beginning she couldn't fall asleep unless Dad cradled her all Heisman-like and did laps around the house singing whatever his mind might manage to make up, but at some point she grew up just enough to not need or want that. Now, nearly a full ten months later and we've found some common ground again. The boob that once divided us has fallen away and now Daddy gets to feel what Mom did on a regular basis...a tiny little (oddly) almost hairless head that trusts you enough to lay itself on your shoulder and drift off to sleep all safe and sound. I'll take it. In fact, I'll take it over 98.3% of everything else I know.

What comprises that remaining 1.7%? A Michigan win over Ohio State this weekend.


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