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Monday, November 9, 2009

Raking leaves is for we had a baby

Zo leaves 3
Leaf piles and small children are like peas and carrots except not as gross.

Zo and Mom got outside and raked some leaves while simultaneously snapping something like forty pictures which makes me wonder how much leaf raking they actually managed? No worries 'cause Zoey looks cuter than the last Timbit in the box. Wait, that didn't make any sense. She had a blast chucking leaves around and occasionally eating them. Whatever gets 'em off of the ground, I guess.

Leaf head Zo
Nice hat Zo...grab a rake and quit screwing around before we kick you out.

I was so attentive and considerate that I didn't even notice the pile of leaves that Zedder and June slaved to build and then not long after I got home the wind got to whipping pretty hard and I'm pretty sure that whatever pile they made ended up in the exact spot they raked. We've still got some pretty great pictures though.

Zo leaves 6
Helping pick up leaves any way she can.

It's funny that the girls got out and raked some leaves today 'cause I was just thinking that if Zoey doesn't start pulling her weight she's outta here. I mean, it's ridiculous how she just expects us to support her until she's grown. That's what day care, school teachers and Sesame Street is for. It's been almost ten months of footing the bills and taking all of her crap and we're pretty sure that we read something somewhere that said babies grow up fast...well, not that fast it seems and we're not doing her any favors by coddling her.

Zo leaves 9
Leaf blowers, landscapers, raking...whatever, we're just gonna get Zo to eat them all.

It's not our plan to raise a completely spoiled rotten daughter who hasn't the first clue what work is like, or how it feels to contribute to the household. We want Zoey to understand that Mick Jagger was right when he said, "You can't always get what you want," and so we try to explain to her every day that if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need. I don't think she's getting it though.

Zo leaves 10
Cuteness could probably be best defined by children playing in leaves...and a dictionary would work too.

When it's all said and done we're pretty sure that Zoey learned a valuable lesson today...First, have children if you want help in the yard...Second, eating leaves won't kill you...and third, if you're taking a lot of pictures you're probably raking very few leaves.


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