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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Penetang wang pu tang...Photos from the photo-free weekend

The DeWagnerellis and Cooperiffics strike a family pose while Zoey tells the world we're #1.

Scott and Stace posted some of the photos from our little road trip to Penetanguishene and they're so cute that I puked...I did. I was overwhelmed with bile launching swetness and an absolutely all dizzying sense of affection. Then I stole 'em, posted 'em on my wn Facebook (with photo credit, of course), and chucked 'em up here. I didn't even ask. I figure their attorney can call my attorney and we'll all get down if need be.

Samsquench offering up some drinkables to the Zo...she declined. Never know what's in it I tell her.

It was a beauty weekend and I wish we could sneak more of 'em. Driving four hours to hang out randomly is a bit much on a regular basis though....unless you drive a truck for a living or maybe have really bad short term memory loss, then it wouldn't seem so bad. It'd seem like forever since you'd seen one another each and every time.

The Squencher reading some James Joyce for the Zedder. Dubliners I think.

We were pretty excited to recieve the pics. We knew there'd be a few doozys (should doozy be pluralized with" ies" or just "ys"?) and we got 'em up here pronto. You know, to share with the rest of the world, in particular whoever it is who casts child models for J Crew catalgue shoots...or creeps tat float around the net looking for cure baby pics...whichever.

The mandatory double kid bathtub shot. Why do we always do that? Manipulative grown ups.

We're hoping to see Sammer, Scott and Stace again before Christmas but who knows...June's got that whole transplant thing happening, and I've got at least three appointments with the doctor who's going to perform the cosmetic surgery, and even Zo is booked into the Cabana Room in Weekawken through to New might not happen.

If this picture isn't enough to make you nauseaus with cuteness then perhaps you have no soul.

The Cooper Family Christmas is falling to earth on December 12th, I mean, from what I read in some bathroom stall at a Hwy 401 truckstop, and so with luck we can get up there and commiserate with the masses of loved ones whilst most of the people we loathe are elsewhere. If that's the case then we can see Scott, Stace, and Sammer nice to see Uncle Larry & Aunt Jean's been awhile. Zoey can get a peek at her relatives so she'll know where the bags under her eyes came from, and then we'll hope for some more pics from the camera of Double Scoop Photography. Them yokels is goood.


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