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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our life story is kinda like "Meatballs" but without Bill Murray


I met my wife at summer camp. I did. We found a friendship somewhere between swimming lessons, games of KJ KJ, and campfires. That friendship brewed over three or four years until foreign places -- Japan for June, and California for me -- found us missing one another more than we had imagined. There was a little more water that passed under the bridge before the flooding began and in 1999 we ran away from home and moved in together. Now, ten years later, it still feels an awful lot like summer camp.

We were engaged in San Francisco, CA...we married in New York City...and we slipped through a few dozen places in between, somehow always finding ourselves back in California or wandering around Manhattan, somehow always finding the sunshine from that same summer we met. In ten years we chased blue skies and found them every time we stopped to look up.

Zoey was born on January 26th, 2009, but she became a bit of a reality in March of 2008. That's when the first idea of her slipped into the air in San Clemente, CA. We flew home that month with a baby in our plans. Almost eleven months later we were parents, and now every day feels like summer.

I don't why I'm writing all of this...maybe I got to feeling sentimental today, or maybe it's just the sort of thing that should be said more often? I dunno. All I really know is that I met my wife at summer camp, and the sun has been shining ever since.


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