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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Marriage made simple...two awesome people and one Zedder

D-Funk and Kelly...Zoey's latest brush with marital bliss. Two great examples.

Checked messages today and our good friends Dustin & Kelly dropped us a note to ask if Brian would serve as MC for their upcoming wedding, which is super nice as it will put him second on the list of all-time MC jobs, right behind Bear Bryant (I just made that up and if you didn't realize that then stop reading this right now and go get some perspective and a sense of humor) and it just confirms what he had always suspected, that he and Dustin share a pretty great connection.

Elvis and Waldo also asked if Zoey would take on the duties of flower girl which is even cooler yet. Of course, we'll have to check with her union rep. and the Screen Actors Guild but we're pretty sure it's cool. Now our new goal is get Zoey some hair before their wedding. We've got until next fall so we're crossing our fingers that the Zedder can be rocking some pig tails by then. It would be embarrassing for everyone if all of the guests thought that the flower girl was a boy.

Dustin and Kelly are absolutely two of the best people we know and we wished we lived closer to them. Brian and Dustin clicked better than most and Kelly is sweeter than maple fudge except not as brown. She doesn't cause cavities either so that's encouraging. We love them both and we're pretty excited at the chance to be involved...really excited in fact. We've done this a lot and this one ranks really high on the excitement scale.

Dustin...Kelly...we promise that Zoey will grow some hair, and that Brian won't swear too much in his speech. He might not wear pants though so just count this as a disclaimer.


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