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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leaves, leaves, Wisconsin game, & then more leaves

Zo bundled with leaves - Nov09
Zo bundled with the leaves she's come to call her friends.

Got a nice little Saturday Home Depot, or Bed, Bath and Beyond or anything like that...just 60 degrees and sunny with some leaf raking (lots of leaf raking) and the Michigan - Wisconsin football game. We're looking at a potential clean yard by the end of the day and Michigan Bowl eligibility...or a half raked yard and more Rich Rod needs to get fired talk which would suck giant pots of greening cheese curds. Well, at the very least it'll still be 60 degrees and sunny regardless of leaves of losses.

Zoey has become pretty enamored of yard work...good, she can take it all over the minute that she can lift a rake. I might even teach her to operate the riding lawn mower this spring. Relax people...I'll buy her a helmet. Chill out. It's not like I'm asking her to change the mower blade while it's running. We'll just strap her into the seat and watch her cut the hell out of every lawn within two kilometres. We'll douse her in sunscreen too. We're not animals.


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