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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How Long 'til Spring Gets Here? Pre-Winter Ramblings 'n Such

Summer trees
Some trees that I stole from the top half of another photo...made me want summer back.

We're lounging on the bed, June and I, listening to the classical station on the satellite, with a baby sleeping soundly somewhere, and pouring over the "interweb" in the sweet and safe comfort of one another's laptop distractions. We're positioned so that I can lean my head against June's arm and sigh at my own leisure. We're dreaming wistfully of skipping winter altogether and jumping straight into Spring. We're perusing Joel Flory's website...our almost wedding photographer until June got almost shipped to India pre-wedding. That's right...we were supposed to get married in San Francisco but TD Canada Trust messed it all up...we forgive them and all but once you get a gander at Joel Flory's pics you'll understand our regret. No biggie...New York was okay, I guess :)

We've decided that we're getting re-married, probably with our best good friends Scitty and Roo (even though we've never mentioned it to them) in Mexico at a little UNBELIEVABLE place called Verana. Serree and Mike can come too.

I think we'll move to San Francisco for a year, figure things out. You think I'm kidding.

This picture of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward makes me happy.

This picture makes my heart swell up so big my chest hurts. It's what I was thinking when I said "I do."

Serendipity is all cued up on YouTube because I feel like some Jeremy Piven - John Cusak friendship now.

I'm rockin' this wicked new Rangers jersey I just will become my Christmas morning staple from this point on, I think.

The headache I had earlier is gone thanks to a super selfish nap that saw me miss Zoey's bedtime.

I have the urge to hear O' Tannenbaum from Charlie Brown's Christmas.

Trying to sketch out my next tattoo that I've got less than two weeks to suss out before the tattoo gun in NY starts to buzzing.

Gonna spend my birthday at The National Baseball Hall of Fame...yeah, life sucks!

I need to buy more records.

My daughter is awfully cool, almost as cool as this Johnny Mercer beaut done right by The Chairman.

How's that for random rambling?

Whatever....I'm not listening.



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