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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Desperation doesn't feel so good...


I wondered aloud last night if this was what desperation feels like, June nearly choked. Since 1995 I've never known the word, not in any sporting sense, and now suddenly 2009 has brought me heaping piles of the stuff. Whether it was the Tigers dropping to their knees and submitting to the Twins in extra innings of an extra afternoon of regular season baseball, or these lonely Wolverines clawing at the feet of the Ohio State, roses clenched firmly between Buckeye teeth. Satisfaction has never felt so illusive. THere has always been something to brag about until 2009.

THe stakes are high today -- as they are every Saturday in the Fall --but this isn't every Saturday, this is Ohio State and Michigan and it matters, maybe now more than ever despite what some people might say.

A good friend of mine, Aimee, once wondered why she had to care so much about this stuff, and I'll call her sentiment even as I'm sure that I could never raise.

Please win today Michigan...please, please, please win.


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