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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grandma's and Granddaughters...Something Special

Baachan Zo kitchen floor
Zoey and Baachan playing on the Partridge kitchen floor - Halloween 2009

I think I could watch Zoey with her grandmothers forever and ever. It's something pretty special to watch, and something you never consider until it's right there in front of you. Their baby just had a baby and it's a pretty mind blowing process to witness. It's been funny to watch Zoey's relationship grow with each of them.

Zoey is Mihoko's first grand child, and she wears that blessing like jewelry, meanwhile grandchildren are nothing new to Cathy but she's got herself another little girl to follow Avery as she grows and that's got her swooning like a school girl herself.

BW Grandma Zo plane
Zoey and Grandma staring out the plane window on the flight from Detroit to New York City

You don't think about the impact your children will have on your parents, at least we didn't, not really. She's pulled clouds away to reveal blue sky and bent all the flowers in her direction just by being born. It's something you can't describe. It's much more than pride and something different than parenthood. I imagine that it's something akin to writing a song and then hearing someone play it and in doing so add another layer of love to what you already swelled with affection know, only multiplied by a billion. That might be the worst analogy you've ever heard.


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