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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finding your way when you aren't even looking

Zoey's peruvian friend and llama
This is who Zoey is going to be hanging out with in Peru.

George Bailey said it first..."I'm shakin' the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I'm gonna see the world," and I always felt as though I had a bit of a kinship with George. He certainly had it right. I've always wanted to go to Peru, well, that's not completely accurate. I've always thought that going to Peru would be really cool and so when the chance to go fell out of the sky like one of those Joe Dirt poo-meteors we took it. We're going to Peru!

"Huh," you say, with such a rapid head jerk that the snapping of vertebrae in your neck is audible.

"Yup," I said..."Peru, as in Amazon jungle and Machu Picchu."

Is Zoey coming? Well, of course she is. Don't ask such ridiculous questions. It's not the Afghan Karakoram, it's Lima, Peru for Tim Biakabatuka's sake. It's a city in the desert, right beside an ocean, and they speak Spanish there...basically it's LA except in the southern hemisphere. Chuck in a few llamas and that Machu Picchu place and BLAM...Peru. We're pretty sure that there are babies there, at least I think there are. I can check, but I'd wager, yes, there are. We'll be fine.

How'd we spin the globe and land on Peru? That's a weird story. Like I said, we've always thought that Peru was cool, and seeing Machu Picchu was always on the life list, but the whole thing really just fell in our laps. The strangest part is that our friends Serree and Mike were just talking about going this Spring and then WHAM, we find the best deal ever. Here's a point by point summary of the turn of events...

- Mike and Serree drop by to visit and mention going to Peru in May 2010...

- Mike and Brian talk all afternoon and plant the seeds of future adventures...

- Brian is scanning the internet for Christmas vacation deals and drops by Travelzoo to look for ideas...

- Brian spots a NYC to Lima flight sale with fares starting at $200...He stutters a little and then passes out.

- Brian turns into George Bailey almost instantly...except not as skinny.

- Brian exitedly shows June the fare and both agree that the time off and money spent could be directed elsewhere...

- Brian waits a few hours and then reconsiders, booking the flights and then staring at the breakdown...

2 Adults & 1 Infant... Return airfare from NYC - Lima, Peru departing NYC June 17, 2010 and returning July 1, 2010, all taxes included = $630.30...practically cheapy free if you've got a calculator handy.

- June tells Serree to get her and Mike's arse in on the same deal then calls her Mom

- Mihoko, whose dream trip is Machu Picchu, politely declines the chance to go because she's scared of terrorists

- Zoey goes to sleep that night singing Machu Picchu to herself in a voice so sweet she could put llamas to sleep.

And there you have it...that's how this family fell into a trip to Peru. Good story huh? Wait 'til we work on finishing it. Problem is we still don't have anywhere to go at Christmas yet...


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