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Monday, October 12, 2009

Zoey's First Thanksgiving...Gobble Gobble etc...

Zoey Mom 1st Thanksgiving Pic
Zo and Mom wrecking the kitchen on Zed's first Thanksgiving ever!

Zo's first Thanksgiving was spread over two days...Sunday afternoon and evening with Grandma and Pops...then Monday afternoon and evening with Baachan and Granddad. As far as I can tell she enjoyed both immensely. She was the focal point of both and got more attention than any damn turkey.

Zoey Thanksgiving Baachans kitchen
Zo in Baachan's kitchen patiently awaiting dinner...

There was an obvious absence of siblings this year...Brad and family had their own plans, and Anette and Ian are both pretty far away, respectively...It just didn't feel all that much like Thanksgiving on either the Sunday at the lake or today on Running Creek. The Partridge house needs siblings, and a Thanksgiving without Avery and Reece running around like fools just isn't a Thanksgiving.


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