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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zoey couldn't care less what you call's colder than it was.

Zo playing outside w Kaede leaf
Zedder playing out in the yard near the Japanese Maple...June's tree.

I know a guy who hates the word "Autumn" and prefers that people just say "Fall," because it doesn't drip with all that unnecessary verbiage. He thinks that by saying "Autumn" a person's being kind of arrogant and smarmy (my third favorite word these days, just behind "turd" and "stupid"). I think you can call it any damn thing that you want to...Autumn, Fall, Septembert, post-summer, almost winter...whatever you want. Zoey can't string together enough syllables to call it anything and no one gets all over her about it. She is, admittedly, a pretty smarmy little kid, and of course, she reeks of arrogance so I imagine that once she's able to speak she'll call it "Autumn." She'll likely also likely overuse words like, superfluous, bourgeois, dichotomy, ostentatious, and ubiquitous. I'm quite sure she might also be the type to use the term boondoggle, and actually know what it means. Oh yeah, she's that audacious.

She's not talking yet, although she has managed to muster things like Mumma, and Dada, and even strung together Debu the other day. It was the clearest thing she's said yet, aside from Mumma. Debu wasn't all that impressed, but we were.


Blogger English Teacher said...

Ubiquitous is actually my favourite word, and then in second place is lugubrious. Both are awesome words.

October 31, 2009 at 10:49 PM  

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