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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waking up to reality...

Almost as soon as my eyes opened this morning I thought, this isn't something that's going to work out, with regard to yesterday's job opportunity. Apparently sleep juggling is something I'm good at.

It doesn't seem that it could possibly work out for us and so I may just shrug and say, "thanks," but inevitably move on. The following factors are still bouncing around my head in the half light of a cold morning...

We'd need daycare, and if White Rock/Surrey is anything like the rest of Canada there would likely be a waiting list everywhere. A move West would be almost immediate and a daycare solution would not.

Our cost of living would increase and June would not be guaranteed a job anywhere. My income, while fine here in Southwestern Ontario, wouldn't support an entire family for long all by itself.

Grandparents would grieve, and Cathy, Zoey's Grandma/soon-to-be new Nanny would be jobless.

The job is a management job very much like the one I just told M-Smith (by current super boss) I'd hate to do. Budgetary this and thats etc...puke inducing thanks.

Ann Arbor, the Detroit Tigers, cheap flights to New York are all much more difficult to access from Vancouver.

So alas, the term "sleeping on it" is good advice. A few hours of subconscious consideration has left me quite certain that I'm in a far better spot. Albeit, that could all change, and as early as April, when the funding for my YMCA work is either renewed or gone, and then of course there's always the notion that the school board doesn't renew my contract next fall, but neither the money, the autonomy, the support, or the personal connections are as guaranteed out there as they are here. In the end I'd be taking a $10,000 pay cut to move to a more financially demanding area code and embrace a much more demanding job. This might be an easier decision than I thought. Wow, I'm pretty amazed at the obvious power of "sleeping on it,"...why have I not made better, more prudent use of that practice before now?

Uhmm, I think today I'm going to do something to remind me about the benefits of living in the now, and not next week.


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