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Monday, October 12, 2009

Those things I'm thankful for...

week 37 - mom's birthday kiss
Mom and Zo squeezing in a smooch - October 2009

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada. I suppose it's more than just a day off of work and some time with family, certainly it's much more than a turkey dinner and the feeling that you want to end your life if you can't pull a hatch and just empty your belly. It's supposed to be about being thankful...We are...I am.

I'm thankful for the life I have right now. It feels like I've been on vacation for half a decade now, and in a lot of ways I suppose I have been. We live in a beautiful spot on the lake, we make enough money to save and spend, we do what we want when we want, and we have options. That's more than most.

week 35 - fake chucks
The view Zoey is getting to grow up far.

We have families that are healthy, and we can finally call our own little unit by that same name -- we're a family. Just the notion can make my eyes swell with sappy stuff. We laugh a lot, and don't need much. We're proud of the people we've been lucky enough to become. We feel no compromises and have no regrets, again, that's more than most.

We just wandered back into this world here on the edge of this blue water and sky, all the way from New York...and in a few months we'll wander West and soak up California to end the year. It's become something of a yearly tradition, with the odd extra side trip thrown in. We're absolutely spoiled rotten, and without question thankful for all of it.

June and I have known one another for 14 years now. We've been together for 11 years, and married for 2...we have an 8 month old daughter and an exceptionally large cat who has blessed us with his litter box shenanigans for a decade. We're a happy family.

So if you ask me what I'm thankful for I say everything, and I mean it. Everything. Especially the past 14 years.


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