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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Subways and Ferries...Fairies and Subways...and a Naked Cowboy

Times Square Bri June
Mom, Zo, and Dad interrupting a photo shoot in Times Square...getting in the way is what we do best.

Once we got going today we knocked off a bunch of blocks and did almost nothing that we set out to was pretty awful actually. We hate the who tourist runaround and somehow we ended up smack in the middle of it all. From Times Square all teh way to Staten Island and back...blech.

Zoey slept while we wandered through Times Square...yep, missed the whole thing. Out like a light despite all of the craziness. Grandma and June watched some silly model photo shoot with two guys that looked twelve who had their suits pinned up in a dozen places...really reinforcing the idea of being sold to. Those damn suits don't even fit the models right so they're never going to fit people like us.

The only good part of Times Square was getting the chance to act like an ass with the Naked Cowboy...well worth fighting the crowds. It's not everyday you get your picture taken next to some dude in his tighty whiteys, unless of course you hang out with Stu McNaughton, then your odds are much higher.

Brian and Naked Cowboy 2
Brian and a Stu McNaughton look-a-like -- the Naked Cowboy.

We hooked up with the W train headed downtown to South Ferry. None of us had ever jumped on the Staten Island Ferry before and now I know kinda sucks. It's free though, so at least you didn't pay money to be cold and sit near weirdos bound for St. George.

Staten Island Ferry
It's free, and there's beer on board, but the ride isn't much of a thrill unless you're easily thrilled

We slipped on over with plans of slipping right back but we missed the first ferry back to Manhattan and had to chill out at the Ferry Terminal for a half hour until the next one arrived. We watched fish in an aquarium, mingled with a film crew, and Dad had a super strange fairy waiting for a ferry staring at him for thirty minutes. Dad's new BFF was wearing a black crushed velvet blouse, had deep, dark black dyed hair and mustache and was playing with a red and pink ballerina doll. He was a real beaut.

June Zo Ferry 2
June and Zo took in the ferry thrill ride with the typical enthusiasm such a vigorous enterprise inspires.

Zo Ferry 1
Zo can whip off that brooding child model pose better than anyone I know.

Once we got back onboard we ditched the Statue of Liberty side of the ferry and stuck to the sunny Governors Island side. There were fewer freaks and we didn't freeze our arses off. Zo even made friends with a family of six. That's right, I said six. It seems Zoey and large Orthodox Jewish families are endlessly attracted to one another. She took turns rubbing their heads and giggling at them. Yeah, I dunno...she enjoyed herself. She likes Judaism.

Zoey on ferry smiling
Zo and her "amused with Judaism" smile. It's a heart warmer.

The ferry ride back turned out to be better than the whole trip up to that point. Zo was busy exploring and the sun was warm on our faces. It helped ease the burden of wasting several hours. The whole damn place is painted orange and Zo seems to have a bit of an attraction to the color orange. She has ever since she was tiny. Orange ferry benches thrilled her endlessly.

Bum and leggings Ferry
Argyle leggings and a baby bum...

We shuffled off of the ferry as soon as the crowd would allow, jumped back on the W train headed uptown and got the hell out of Lower Manhattan. As usual, Zo was ecstatic to be taking advantage of pubic transportation. She digs the filthiest forms of transportation available to her parents detriment.

Zo June Grandma subway 1
Zo entertaining Mom and Grandma on the W Train...she's a public nuisance with all her annoying happiness.

You can't imagine how excited Zo gets to travel with the masses of Joe Publics headed to work, or home from a day here or there. It's like a friend buffet for the Zedder and she performs the whole time. She smiles and laughs and yells at you if you're not paying attention. It's pretty funny...almost funny enough to take the subway or the bus all the time...almost.

Zo June subway 1
Zedder on display on NYC's public transit system. She's a walking billboard for public transportation

All in all a busy day doing almost nothing that i would have typically enjoyed. It's amazing how fast you can slip off track and end up a smiling and willing participant in a so-so day of wandering. No FAO Madison Battery Park...just pink doll lovin' freakshows and two boat rides.


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