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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Son of Scott...Practitioner of falls & other shenanigans

Squencher black eye #2
This is documented black eye #2 for the Samsquencher according to Dad...

You've met the illusive Samsquench before, right? He's my cousin Scott and his wife, Stacey's little guy, and he is, in the parlance of past times, the bomb. The kid's got some serious chops when it comes to wooing the affections of random others and if you're not fully won over by the kid then you may need to check your chest for a heart.

This is black eye #2 for the Squencher according to his Dad...doesn't it suit him right down to the ground? He looks like some old school Bowery muscle doesn't he...some legit kinda tough if you're askin' me. I hope he earns nuthin' but the best black eyes for the rest of his know the kind...earned with distinction or at least humor. The kind where the other guy looks worse, or the one where the immoveable door that you ran into leaving your dorm room just doesn't shut the same anymore. You know, the kind you don't regret all that much.

We haven't seen the Squencher in awhile and need to hook that action up asap...unfortunately, lives get in the way of a lot of goodness and we know we'll see the little piece of Penetang meat soon enough. We were hoping that Zedder and the Squench got to be real friendly growing up but at this rate we'll have to move to Midland to facilitate the kind of wishful dreams these funster's parents have. Unless of course someone invents an affordable means of transporting matter across time and space, then we'd be set...of course then Sammer might not have any more black eyes either and dat's no damn good.

Keep swingin' day that black and blue will reap a whirlwind of female attention. If you really wanna do it right kid get yourself some leather and some barking tailpipes beneath your butt. Your Uncle Mark could hook you up...but that's all he should hook you up with. We'll explain later.


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