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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Read that palm weird woman! I need to know the future!

Psychic Readings by Amanda

So June and I walked past a psychic's shop on West 51st that was promising $7 palm readings so we jumped. Why not? June went first and was told to stay away from lima beans, her brother Ian, and New Orleans, and I went second and the woman told me this...

I was going to live into my 90's and no disease would touch me...

I was surrounded by obstacles my whole life and continue to be but I tend to overcome them...

I was supposed to be writing, she wondered why I was doing anything else...

I am supposed to be living in California by 2011...

It is important that I help people, not as much for me but for them, they need me to...

We are supposed to have two more children...two boys...

My Mom raised me...

I should never eat Doritos, or hummus...

That last one was obviously a joke. She was pretty great, and the whole thing was way worth $7 each. June got told some awesome stuff too, like how many of you bastards talk behind our backs and then are nice to our faces...Smarten up a$$%oles, 'cause now we're onto you! There'll be hell to pay boyo...hell.


Blogger kaedejune said...

Just to set the record straight about my reading... nothing about lima beans, or New Orleans, and definitely not anything about my brother... so, Ian, I can still hang around you.

I'm going to live a long, successful and lucky life... she didn't tell me how long I was going to live. I'm probably going to die before Brian.

She saw that I had been away from work for about the last 6 months and a few other things that come with having a baby before I even told her that I had just had a baby! Crazy.

She said I'm not appreciated at work and I'm working in a field I didn't go to school for... right and right!

She saw me doing something medical in school but I didn't finish... again, right and right!

She could see California... hmmm... and as soon as 2011!

She mentioned writing... probably more Brian than me.

She said there's a guy who's name starts with a "J" who is negative in my life.

Apparently there are people that are nice to my face but talk negatively behind my back... not surprised. I just try to be optimistic about people... guess I shouldn't bother.

She asked about Ireland... ?

When she first mentioned children, she said there would be a girl and a boy... but by the end she said there would be two boys! Three kids! Whoa.

She didn't tell me anything about what I should be doing... what a rip off!
... ha... just kidding... she was pretty great... and accurate!

If I had more money, I probably would have gone for more details! Maybe next time.

October 8, 2009 at 11:47 PM  

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