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Monday, October 26, 2009

A photoless weekend of photos

Scotty, Stacey, and the Samsquench...I stole this bad fella from Stace's Facebook profile...

We were enjoying your standard run of the mill Friday night when the telephone rang and my fourteen-teenth cousin, schvifty-five times removed, Scott, called and told us that we were going to be visiting him and his family in Penetanguishene , ON this weekend. He'd be looking forward to seeing us on Saturday. Since we had nothing else to do, except drive around in the rain or maybe go watch a football game in the rain or any number of other activities that we would have to enjoy in the rain, we packed Zo up and split first thing Saturday morning. We left the lake at 7:30am and Zed got busy sleeping for the entire four hour trip, that's right, sleeping for the entire trip. Curse us if you will but we've trained her well...babies don't just fall out of the sky ready for road trips, nope, we earned this gift.

We arrived at Scott and Stacey's before noon and settled into enjoying a weekend full of Zoey and Sammer with plenty of hands and eyes to manage them both. We mostly just hung out but it was some serious good hangin'. There was some Maker's Mark on ice, some good eats, some background music and a lot of high brow and extremely low brow conversation, the perfect balance in fact. It was a beauty weekend of nothing but affectionate goodness.

Only when we see Zo around other kids do we ever really notice how her personality differs from other funsters and we really notice what we take for granted. She's an awfully quiet little girl, as Steph Wilkinson says, very suspicious, and pretty content to just lay low. It's rare that she gets rambunctious or even aggressive. She's very much a contemplative sort and interacts well but likes it to be nice and easy. She's not necessarily the assertive sort yet, and maybe will never be...who knows, she's only 9 months old! You can definitely notice the innate difference between boys and girls when she plays with young fellas but it's much more than that. She's just a very chill little funster. She reaches for books as often as basketballs (whereas Sam's obsessed with his basketball...he may indeed play in the NBA someday, provided he likes wearing shorts and learns how to jump a little better than he does now) and she just likes to be around people. She doesn't need to be climbing all over everything or everyone but is usually pretty content to just hang out...very much like us. I know it'll all change, and probably by next week, but for now allow me this one misconception. Right now I think we've got a pretty quiet little contemplative one on our hands. We'll see what the next stage is.

It was SO good to see Scott and Stacey avec the Samsquench...SO good. It was also nice to blow off damn near every expectation for the weekend...we're annoyingly good at that. Being our friends and family must be hard.

Anyway...we bolted out of our place like it was on fire Saturday morning and forgot the memory card for our Scott and Stace snapped mucho pics but we can't post any until those cats get chance to float 'em this way. There's some beauts. Scott and Stace snap a lot of photos as well so there are a bunch, and many, many good ones...but you can't see 'em. Maybe later you can but not now.


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