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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hot Date Night Sans Zedder...

Wings Kings

Alright, so it wasn't The Whitney followed by the Detroit Symphony was Cobo Joe's followed by the Red Wings-LA Kings game but it was still a baby free evening of entertainment, and it was fun.

June and I got the chance (thanks to Genny Charron) to slip on over to the Wings game Thursday night for cheapola. We scored $80 center ice tickets...15th row...for $25 measly dollars each. We lucked into Grandma babysitting and BAM...a hot date night sans Zedder. It wouldn't happened without the generosity of Genny though so I bow in her direction with a sincere appreciation. She was always a cool girl.

I was excited to see Ryan Smyth play a post-Oilers game live and in-person, June was excited to do anything, and to top it all off we got to sit with an old buddy from high school...Harv... It was fun to see the guy again, and fun to watch Smyth sit in the penalty box all night too...twit.

The Wings won 5-2 and Nik Lidstrom scored his 1000th NHL point so we had a nice night to find ourselves Zedder-free. We missed the hell out of her though, almost a full 10 miles down I-94 and we were already wondering how she was doing. Must be a parent phase that I'm sure we'll grow out of...or maybe not. Regardless, it was a fun night out and Zo behaved like the best kid in the world for Grandma so once again, we felt as spoiled as spoiled gets. It was a necessary night out for both Zoey and us. She needs more babysitting night to get used to them, and we need more crowded nights out watching grown men shake sticks at one another and occasionally punch each another out. Who doesn't?


Blogger John Teeter said...

When we went to visit a friend in Edmonton, I got tickets to an Oilers, Avs game. It was at the end of Smyth's era in an Oils uniform, and ironically against the team he would eventually go to. As we were driving up to Rexall (I know it sounds better as Northlands) we ended up in the wrong parking lot… the player's parking lot and we ended up having to wait for Smyth and his wife and kids unload from their car. I wanted so bad to go tell him he had one of the best mullets in hockey.

October 17, 2009 at 8:36 AM  

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