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Friday, October 16, 2009

Holy Cold October! Did we move to Sudbury?? Seriously.

Driving to Baachans Thanksgiving
Zo sleeping with a watchful Mathilda during a random car ride...

Can an October get any colder? This is stupid. Normally we're outside grilling still. I've even swam in the lake in October (November once but that was ugly), and we've usually got until Halloween before we start to shiver. Not this year. We came home from Hawaii to a bloody arctic summer and now we might as well live in Thunder Bay. It's colder than David Letterman's dinner these days.

On the news front...since there's nothing to do but freeze...

Zo is standing on her own more and more. She's actually standing right up on her own sometimes and my bet is she's walking before December 1st...maybe more accurately taking first steps. She's a gangly one but she's strong.

June's back to business, kind of, doing her first photo work since the beeb arrived tomorrow. It's a wedding in Tillsonburg, ON and she's already packed!

We left Zo with Grandma last night and actually left the country with minimal weird feelings. The Zedder's such a mondo-champ (I've been dying to use the word "modo" for weeks now) that we know it's no big deal. June was a little weirded out but that lasted about 20 minutes. Grandma was fine, Zoey was fine, we were all fine.

Zoey will be going to her first Michigan tailgate next weekend so we need to talk to Kevin and Aimee and try to hook up. We're planning on finding ourselves a hotel room for Saturday night and that way we can connect with friends before the Penn State game, and Zedder can get her first tailgate on...then I'll go to the game while June and Zo go shopping and chilling out in Ann Arbor...then we'll meet up after the game and get Zo back to the hotel, if we find one available...we will.

We're going to connect with an old friend, Beth, before the game. It's been at least eight or nine years since I've seen her. We all worked together at the summer camp that June and I met at so we're pretty excited. Beth is sincerely one of the sweetest people I know, and always has been. I last saw her walking on campus at UWO in London something like eight or nine years ago. We just bumped into one another by accident and that's the last time we got to smile at each other in person. June probably hasn't seen Beth since camp! So we're pretty excited.

By the time the game is over and everyone is settled it will likely be too late to hook up with Kevin and Aimee and the boys (not sure about the Bergquist funsters bedtimes) but if they're around and free we can always meet for breakfast or somethin'...guess I should ask them before I blog it, huh? Probably...

Gonna be a great weekend. Lots of pics and some old Rick Ocasik once said, I guess it's "just what I needed." I wish I had that cool sounding old synthesizer to play right do doo dooo do doo do do doo doooo do dooo do doo...Wait, was that stupid? It felt stupid.


Blogger English Teacher said...

So nice! Thanks for the compliments. I really like you guys too, and can't wait for Saturday.

October 17, 2009 at 12:31 PM  

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