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Sunday, November 1, 2009

ハローウィン ... Happy Halloween Etc...Spooky Cute Etc...

Zo Halloween Grandmas floor
Zoey dressed up like Ernest Hemingway circa 1961

Halloween came and went without so much as a whisper but it was fun anyway. There's not all that much for a 9 month old to do when the kiddies get to tricking and treating. She's mostly just a fun toy for us to dress up and laugh we did.

Zoey spent her first Halloween dressed as Ernest Hemingway, circa 1961. Tasteless...perhaps, unoriginal...certainly not, on purpose...not really.

Zoey was supposed to be a number of different things (sushi, a garden gnome, etc...) before we stumbled into this kick ass hunting hat and decided that Zo HAD to be a hunter. We rounded out her costume with a toy gun and a borrowed vest from our friend Stacey, before you knew it she had the barrel of the gun in her mouth giving it a good chew and BLAM (symbolically) she was Ernest Hemingway. We'd have had our ability to read stripped from us if we didn't make that hilarious connection. We also jammed Zo's stuffed elephant into a reindeer costume just for that extra little bit of authenticity. It was a beauty first costume.

Zoey as Ernest Hemingway-The Idaho Years
Sure, it was accidentally tasteless, but Zo had to be the only Ernest Hemingway in town tonight.

It was a relatively eventless first Halloween for Zedder...a quick visit to Baachan's...a short hallooo at Grandma's house...and a sleep drenched drive home. It can only get better from here, maybe not costume-wise, but as far as the overall experience goes there's no place to go but up. Next year she'll be able to walk and that lends a tad bit of legitimacy to Trick or Treating.

We'll post more pics later...tired and shameless right now. Must sleep off all this poor taste and cheap chocolate.


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