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Friday, October 9, 2009

Grey morning Grandma...

Watching Grandma get ready
Zo watches Grandma get ready in the morning. It's a fascinating ritual.

Grey days are meant for one of two things...either you wrestle all the fun and adventure out of the day that you possibly can, or you hunker down for a quiet day of dodging all that exhausting enterprise. Grandma is choosing the latter today. After two full days of walking and with a morning that looks like rain, Grandma is opting to start her day with a hot bath, maybe sneak on down to the Star Light Diner at W 52nd, and order a breakfast she can actually sit and enjoy. Maybe she;ll read about President Obama's newly awarded Nobel Peace Prize or flip pages in Mitch Albom's newest book, "Have a Little Faith". EIther way she won't be trudging on over to FAO Schwarz with Zoey and her overly ambitious parents.

We're going to meet up with Brian's old friend, Betsy, at the famous toy store on 5th. He hasn't seen her since 1995 and coffee, a chance to meet Bets's little ones, Julia and Alex, and an hour or so at the iconic toy store sounds pretty good. We'll just have to pack an umbrella.

Grandma is going to relax. She didn't come to NYC just so that she would require a pediatrist when she got home.

Zo woke up laughing and smiling and doing that crazy nose scrunch thing that she does so it should be a stellar day. Whn Zo gets the scrunchers your in for a solid day of fun.


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